zo is a small co-operative team of designers & developers working on open and decentralised technology

  • We create innovative solutions and libre tools that people actually need, for ourselves, our clients, or with the support of crowdfunding.

  • We improve, remix, combine, and customise open source software.

  • We support communities to setup and maintain their own infrastructure.

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Our goals

  • Work on ethical projects that are libre, decentralised, interoperable, secure, respectful of privacy, accessible, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, socially responsible, and - above all - that protect human rights.
  • Make solutions that respect people’s time and effort, and are functional, user-friendly, convenient, reliable, and beautiful.
  • Cooperation combined with network effects is more effective than capitalist competition, so we want to foster more interconnection, cooperation, and federation across communities, be they local or virtual.
  • Work openly, documenting and sharing every step of our process, to help others improve, build upon, or fork our work.

How we work

  • Using libre tools (free and open source software), open standards, and decentralised systems on a daily basis.
  • Building from the bottom-up based on end users’ needs and experiences.
  • Coordinating in a peer-to-peer fashion using informed consent. We like to experiment with new governance models and economic structures.
  • Living inside our experiments, using what we build on a daily basis.

We ️️❤ the commons

We contribute

As strong supporters of free/libre production, we make all our original creations available using libre licenses (such as AGPL or Creative Commons).

We support upstream work

We also put aside 5% of our revenue to directly support the creators and maintainers of commons tools, libraries, infrastructure, art, or content that we rely on.

We encourage clients to be awesome

We support ethical projects with up to 35% off.